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World of Warcraft looking better (and list of Console Commands)

Author chlívek (World of Warcraft (EN) ) - vydáno 31.5.2008

Graphics engine of WOW client can do some wonders. Only you have to do is manual tweaking of some parameters. And also, probably full set of Console commands.

Want to see world of World of  Warcraft in look as you haven't seen ever before? Put following into macro and run it any time you want. If you are satisfied, just exit game as normal, new values will be saved into and kept there (excludign CharacterAmbient i would say).

/console groundEffectDensity 256 
/console groundEffectDist 140
/console detailDoodadAlpha 100
/console horizonfarclip 2112
/console farclip 777 
/console smallcull 0
/console characterAmbient 0
/console skycloudlod 3

Need to turn back to "default" values for some reason? Here, the ones known to me (based on my current settings which i run normally) :

/console groundEffectDensity 16
/console groundEffectDist 70
/console detailDoodadAlpha 1
/console horizonfarclip 1305
/console farclip 477 
/console smallcull 0.040000
/console characterAmbient 1
/console skycloudlod 1

In similar way these settings can be turned totally down - like this :

/console groundEffectDensity 0

/console groundEffectDist 0

/console detailDoodadAlpha 1

/console horizonfarclip 1

/console farclip 1

/console characterAmbient 0

/console smallcull 0

/console skycloudlod 1

Full Console Command list

Command Usage Description
help help [topic] Displays help information about the requested category.
quit   Exits the program to desktop.
ver   Displays the current version and build date.
set set [variable] [value] Sets a variable to the defined value.
cvar_reset cvar_reset [cvar] Sets the value of a CVar to it's startup value.
cvar_default   Sets the value of a CVar to it's color coded default value.
cvarlist   Lists every CVar.
gxColorBits gxcolorbits [16, 24, or 30]
Sets the color bits to be used.
gxDepthBits gxdepthbits [16, 24, or 32]
Sets the color depth to be used.
gxResolution gxresolution [resolution]
Sets the resolution to be used.
gxRefresh gxrefresh [refreshrate]
Sets the refresh rate.
gxApi gxapi [api]
Sets the 3d api to render.
gxVSync gxvsync [0-1]
Toggles vertical sync on/off.
gxWindow gxwindow [0-1]
Toggles windowed mode on/off.
hwDetect hwdetect [0-1] Toggles hardware detection on/off.
settings settings [0-1] Returns information about the console.
lod lod [0-1] Toggles land smoothing on/off.
fullAlpha fullalpha [0-1] Toggles full alpha on doodads on/off.
doodadAnim doodadanim [0-1] Toggles doodad animation on/off.
mapShadows mapshadows [0-1] Toggles terrain shadows on/off.
lightMaps   Always returns (null).
lodDist lodDist [50-250] Sets the land smoothing maximum distance from player in feet.
SmallCull smallcull [0.001-2.0] Sets the doodad culling level.
DistCull distcull [1.0-888.888916]  
MaxLights maxlights [0-8] Sets the maximum number of simultaenous light sources.
shadowLevel shadowlevel [0-1] Toggles the shadow mip level on/off.
alphaLevel alphalevel [0-1] Toggles the alpha mip level on/off.
texLodBias textlodbias [-1.0 - 1.0] Unknown (?).
detailDensity detaildensity [1-128] Sets doodad density levels.
farclip farclip [177-777] Sets the maximum distance you can see.
nearclip nearclip [177-777] Sets the maximum distance you can see.
fov fov [1-179] Sets your characters field of view.
specular specular [0-1] Toggles specular shading on/off.
pixelShaders pixelshaders [0-1] Toggles pixel shading on/off.
particleDensity particledensity [0.3-1] Sets particle density level.
unitDrawDist unitdrawdist [20-150] Sets the unit draw maximum distance.
waterLOD waterlod [0-1] Toggles water smoothing effects on/off.
baseMip basemip [0-1] Toggles basemip on/off.
anisotropic anisotropic [1-16] Sets anisotropic filtering level.
textureLodDist textureloddist [80-777] Sets the maximum distance for the game to texture.
Errors errors [0-1] Toggles error display on/off.
ErrorFilter errorfilter [filter]
Filters: general / world / ui / animation / models / objects / all
Use "except" to invert mask.
debugTargetInfo debugtargetinfo [0-1] Toggles displaying target debugging information tooltips on/off.
showGUIDs showguids [0-1] Toggles displaying GUID tooltips on/off.
realmName   Displays the realm name.
realmAddress   Displays the realm address.
profanityFilter profanityfilter [0-1] Toggles the builtin profanity filter on/off.
EnableMusic enablemusic [0-1]  
EnableSound enablesound [0-1] Toggles enabling sound on/off.
realmList   Shows a list of all current realms.
mouseInvertYaw mouseinvertyaw [0-1] Toggles mouse inversion on/off.
mouseInvertPitch mouseinvertpitch [0-100] Sets mouse inversion pitch level.
EnableGroupSpeech enablegroupspeech [0-1] Toggles enabling hearing group speech on/off.
EnableErrorSpeech enableerrorspeech [0-1] Toggles enabling error sounds on/off.
EnableAmbience enableambience [0-1] Toggles enabling ambience sounds on/off.
MapWaterSounds mapwatersounds [0-1] Toggles enabling water sounds on/off.
statusBarText statusbartext [0-1] Toggles status bar text on/off.
combatLogOn combatlogon [0-1] Toggles combat logging on/off.
showsmartrects showsmartrects [0-1] Toggles showing "smart" rectangles on/off.
weapontrails showsmartrects [0-1] Toggles weapon trails on/off.
ObjectSelectionCircle objectselectioncircle [0-1] Toggles the object selection circle or not. Turning it off will be confusing.
FootstepSounds footstepsounds [0-1] Toggles playing footstep sounds on/off.
showfootprints showfootprints [0-1] Toggles showing footprints on/off.
showfootprintparticles showfootprintparticles [0-1] Toggles showing footprints particulates on/off.
ShowBreath showbreath [0-1] Toggles showing characters breath on/off.
violenceLevel violencelevel [0-5] Sets the violence level.
SkyCloudLOD skycloudlod [0-1] Toggles sky texture effects/smoothing on/off.
logout   Logs you out of the current realm.
script script Executes the specifed config file on the client.

And more

Command Usage Description
gxRestart   Restart the graphics engine.
reloadUI   Reloads the user interface.
light light [0-1] Toggles light on/off.
fog fog [0-1] Toggles fog on/off.
DepthTest depthtest [0-1] Toggles depthtest on/off.
DepthSet depthset [0-1] Toggles depthwriting on/off.
culling culling [0-1] Toggles backface culling on/off.
dblbuffer dblbuffer [0-1] Toggles double buffering on/off.
resxy resxy [x] [y] Sets the screen resolution to x by y pixels.
resmode resmode [0-3] Sets the screen resolution mode x.
bitdepth bitdepth [16 or 32] Sets the color depth 16 or 32 bits (You need to restart the game after change).
3dapi 3dapi [OpenGL or Direc3d] 3dapi toggles the 3D API between OpenGL and Direct3D (You need to restart the game after change).
showDetailDoodads showdetaildoodads [0-1] Toggles the showing of detailing doodads (grass, flowers) on/off.
maxLOD maxLOD [0-10] Set the maximum land shape value.
showCull maxLOD [0-1] Toggle culling on/off.
setShadow setShadow [0-1] Shadow colors must be in range (0.0,1.0).
mapObjLightMode   Toggle between vertex light / lightmaps.
waterShow watershow [0-1] Toggles viewing water on/off.
waterMaxLOD maxLOD [0-10] Set the maximum water shape value.
waterWaves waterwaves [0-1] Toggles water waves on/off.
waterSpecular waterspecular [0-1] Toggles water specularity on/off.
waterRipples waterripples [0-1] Toggles water ripples on/off.
waterParticulates waterparticulates [0-1] Toggles water particulates on/off.
showShadow showshadow [0-1] Toggles terrain shadows on/off.
showLowDetail showlowdetail [0-1] Toggles showing low detail on/off.
showSimpleDoodads showsimpledoodads [0-1] Toggles showing "simple" doodads on/off.
detailDoodadAlpha showsimpledoodads [0-255] Set the doodad alpha level (Lower value is better).
shadowLOD shadowlod [0-1] Set the shadow LOD.
showplayer showplayer [0-1] Toggles showing your character on/off.
motionBlend motionblend [0-1] Toggles motion blending on/off.
SkyCloudLayers skycloudlayers [0.0-1.0] Set the sky cloud layers.
SkyCloudDensity skycloudlayers [0.0-1.0] Set the sky cloud density.
SkySunGlare skysunglare [0-1] Toggles sun glare on/off.
SkyShow skyshow [0-1] Toggles sky on/off.

And even more

Command Usage Description
HeapUsage   Displays a list of the heaps in use.
ObjUsage   Displays the object manager list status.
newleader   Sets a new leader in your current group.
lootmethod lootmethod [method]
Method: freeforall / roundrobin / master
Toggles your loot method.
cast cast [skillname] Cast a spell.
cancelaura cancelaura [index] Cancels an aura given the aura's index, not auraID.
spellstring spellstring [string] Opens up an edit box for the specified spell.
highlightcolor highlightcolor [alpha 0-255] [red 0-255] [green 0-255] [blue 0-255] Change the highlighted text color.
playercombatlogdebug playercombatlogdebug [0-1] Toggles combat logging on/off.
invite invite [player] Invites a player to join your group.
accept   Accepts the group invitation.
decline   Declines the group invitation.
disband   Disband your current group (Must be group leader).
uninvite uninvite [player] Remove a member from your group (Must be group leader).
repopme repopme [0-1] Repops you when you're dead.
who   Displays a list of the other users on the server.
undressme   Strips your character of all of its equipment.
acceptres   Accept resurrection request.
declineres   Decline resurrection request.
guildcreate guildcreate [name] Creates a guild.
friends   Displays your current friends list.
addfriend addfriend [name] Adds specified friend to your friends list.
removefriend removefriend [name] Removes specified friend from your friends list.
deathbind deathbind [bindstoneid] Binds you to the inputted bindstoneID.
recharge   Instantly fully heal yourself.

And last

Command Usage Description
run   Runs a config file from a specific location in WoW base folder.
new   Starts recording a new script.
append   Adds command to the end of an existing config file.
end   Stops recording a new script.
type type [filename] Types the script to the console.
dirconfig   Lists the config files.
fontcolor fontcolor [colorclassname] [red 0-255] [green 0-255] [blue 0-255] Change the console font color.
bgcolor bgcolor [alpha 0-255] [red 0-255] [green 0-255] [blue 0-255] Change the console background color.
highlightcolor highlightcolor [alpha 0-255] [red 0-255] [green 0-255] [blue 0-255] Change the highlighted text color.
fontsize fontsize [15-50] Set the console font size.
font font [fontname] Set the console font face (be sure to use the .ttf file).
consolelines consolelines [0-100] Set the console viewscreen size.
clear   Clears all text in the console window.
proportionaltext   Makes the text proportional, example below.
Text Exemple = T e x t E x e m p l e
spacing spacing [size] Sets the spacing between text in pixels.
settings settings [0-1] Returns information about the console.
default   Returns console preferences to their default values.
closeconsole   Closes the console.


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